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We all have those things that weigh us down – physical, mental, emotional, other. Even things like anger, impatience, a critical attitude can prevent us from living and leading others with excellence.

In addition to sharing my inspirational story, thought-provoking, chapter-ending questions can help you to identify what holds you back and to find practical ways to overcome what limits you.

More than my deformities ever did, a performance-based lifestyle held me back. In time, through a better understanding of God’s grace, I’ve come to experience a life of peace, joy, serenity, self-worth and fruitfulness.

The same can be true for you. You’ll enjoy and find benefit in my story of life-change and personal growth. Be inspired as you also give thought to your personal life journey.

What Others Are Saying


Author of God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally

"If you’re looking for a double shot of “real,” you’ll find it here. This is an inspirational reminder that none of us were born winners or losers—but choosers!"


"Who among us hasn’t wished that God made us without certain weaknesses? Greg’s life story is a good reminder that God makes no mistakes, and a life of the fullest meaning and purpose is found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

President, Cru/Campus Crusade for Chirst


Leader  |  Speaker  |  Author

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