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Think differently to unlock your potential
We all have limitations

You are likely all too aware of shortcomings that limit you. Negative thoughts, attitudes, habits, a poor self-image: What holds you back more than it should?

I know a thing or two about limitations. I was born with mine – physical deformities of my hands and feet. But whether visible or unseen, your limitations don’t have to define you.

I’ve committed my life to helping people to realize their God-given potential.

So TOGETHER let’s work on what holds you back.

We all have limitations

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In addition to my story of having overcome deformities, I’m a leader of teams, strategic thinker, and mentor with more than 25 years of varied life, leadership and ministry experience.

Physical deformities of my hands, scientifically known as ectrodactyly.

"Born Wrong, Made Right"

Joni Eareckson Tada says, "This book is a double thumbs-up! Having lived in a wheelchair for 50 years, I’m constantly on the lookout of stories of people who understand suffering, yet God-blessed victory through their trials. In Born Wrong, Made Right, Greg’s practical, yet personal reflections will help you dig deep to realize your own potential through the grace and Spirit-sent provision given when we submit our hardships to our sovereign Lord."


Reading this book may be a key to unleashing your God-given potential. 




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